Writing An Email Is Easy, Right?

Sure…until you want to write an email that will make you money...then it's the hardest email you will ever write.

Whether you are a sales rep, a beginner copywriter, a virtual assistant, a coach, a consultant, or a business owner —

you send emails to people.

And it’s highly likely that you want those people to do something .

Yet, it feels like your emails are being ignored.

Or, you thought you could just sit down and bang out an email but feel intimidated because you know…

the business and marketing emails that get the best response are those that have been carefully, even lovingly, crafted.

A lot of thought has been put into them. They’re personalized, relevant, and ask the reader to take action.

Not so easy, right?

It’s even a little intimidating. Especially if you really want to sell a product or service.

Be careful of this because your nervousness will impact your sales…it’ll show through in your email copy.

How can you know what makes for a great subject line and compelling body copy?

Should your emails be brief or long?

Should the subject line be simple and to the point or more creative?

That’s where I come in. In this bi-weekly newsletter you’ll discover the most effective principles of email copywriting. I’m going to talk about:

● How to get inside the mind of your reader

● How to craft the perfect subject line

● How to create compelling body copy that gets readers to take action

● How to personalize your emails

● How frameworks and themes are so much better than templates

and more!

So subscribe - and hang on - because it won’t be long before you feel confident about every email you send.

See you on the inside!


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