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The Secret to The Tease

Guiding Prospects to Persuade Themselves

When Your Trusted Expert Sounds Like a Stranger...

First Impressions Matter

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Email Copywriting Secrets

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How to Moo-ve Your Email Copywriting Game to the Next Level

The Mirror Technique in Email Marketing

58 Irresistible Lead Magnet Ideas

It's not what you say, it's how you say it

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The Curious Case of the Concert Connection

The "We" Strategy in Email Copywriting

Small Agreement, Big Commitment

Harness the Hidden Power of First Impressions

The Power of Positive Spin

20 Awesome Tips to Get More Subscribers

Read a good book lately?

Write Copy to Engage, Persuade, Overcome Objections

Emails not bringing in the sales?

What made you open that email?

How do you know - exactly how they feel?

When they believe you "get them" they will engage

The one thing you MUST be in every email

How to be ruthless and still make sales

The difference between framing and angle

You know that P.S. at the end of the email?

The Copywriter’s Brain

Peer Pressure - your secret persuasion technique

One of the biggest mistakes in sales and copywriting

Those Deadly Sins - perfect for email copy

Going Negative - The Right and Wrong Way

Random Thoughts To Help You Make More Money With Your Emails

How your subscribers can write your copy

You'll win if you know when to say sucker or lollipop

The Cold Email - Why It Works

How to write a story even if you're not inspired or can't think of a thing to write about

Show them why they should listen to you

Desires few will admit to having

Ready to be the Thought Leader for your subscribers?

The Power Of One!

Share an exciting collaboration you're involved in

An infographic is worth a thousand words

Give them a peek behind the scenes.

Sell'em what they want so you can give'em what they need

Insider info can be sooo intriguing

What If We Didn't Make It Easy For Them?

3 Deadly Mistakes To Avoid

If it looks like an ad and reads like an ad...

Just 1 of 50 Ways to Get Them To Say YES!

A surefire way to know you've address an objection

That compelling story is right in front of you

How do you sign your emails?

Ooooh...did you see that Call to Action?

How many ways can you say - New?

Prove it!

What if you make it easy for them to read?

This copy secret will open the door to more sales

A bullet can be the single trigger to a sale

The second reason why people read...

What are the two reasons why people read?

The Deal Email

The Big Benefit Email

The Bad Thing Email

The Product Review Email

The Case Study Email

The Bonus Email

The Teaser Email

Learning an email skill doesn't have to be hard or expensive!

The Reasons Why Email

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